Be Kind. Make a Difference

Kind Canada Généreux inspires and engages all Canadians to purposefully include kindness in their daily lives, support charitable causes and enhance the well-being of others. 

Canada is a kind country, fourth in the world according to the World Giving Index , which measures donating to a charity, volunteering and helping a stranger.

We believe that genuine kindness is inherent in everyone, and is ready to be given and received every day. The practice of kindness requires no special course or training and it takes very little time. Kindness is a natural state within you to uncover. Realizing this and making it present for yourself is all that is required.

Inspiring acts of kindness everyday across Canada

Take the kindness pledge

Our goal is for every Canadian to take the pledge.

Let's all make a commitment to be kind. 


I pledge to be kind in thought, word and deed.