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Kindness and its positive impact on the workplace and the workforce

Kindness has a positive impact on the bottom-line. A growing number of businesses and governments are actively addressing behaviour issues in the workplace due to stress, lower engagement and retention rates, high levels of absenteeism and presenteeism.

From their 2012 Health and Well-being Survey, the Association of Professional Executives of the Public Service of Canada (APEX) found that civility has emerged as a big issue in the workplace. The Civility Matters Report flagged how a growing number of employees and executives are targets of “uncivil words or actions,” said former chief executive officer Lisanne Lacroix.

APEX Study Outcomes

Incivility results in:

  • 2/3 employees report a decline in performance as a result of unkind workplaces;
  • 48% of employees who were exposed to an unkind co-worker were significantly more likely to decrease their work efforts;
  • 38% of employees noted that they intentionally decreased the quality of their work.

In a respectful environment:

  • 26% are more energetic;
  • 30% more likely to feel motivated and enthusiastic about acquiring new skills and being exposed to new ideas;
  • 30% increase in feelings of vitality;
  • 36% more satisfaction with their jobs and are 44% more committed to their organizations.

Benefits of Kindness in the workplace

Increase business results

Leading research has demonstrated that focusing on your employee’s mental health and well-being will improve their performance levels and lead to overall company success.

A culture of kindness in the workplace has been shown to:

  • Strengthen employee mental health and well-being
  • Improve employee engagement and performance.
  • Reduce stress and absentism.
  • Boost productivity.
  • Increase retention rates.
  • Elevate teamwork and collaboration.

Advance the effectiveness of HR programs

According to the new study by Havas Worldwide, 84% of Canadians want companies to improve the lives of its employees. At the same time you are cultivating a culture of kindness in your workplace you will increase employee engagement and productivity, and reduce stress and absenteeism.

  • Shift your corporate culture.
  • Enhance employee recognition programs.
  • Recognize your employees for their community volunteer hours

Elevate Corporate Social Responsibility

In the new study by Havas Worldwide, 80% of Canadians want companies to improve the communities in which they operate.

“Consumers used to hope that a company was contributing back to the community or was helping to solve social issues or was treating employees well. Now, increasingly, consumers are expecting that and demanding that, “said Tim Maleeny, chief strategy officer at Havas Worldwide. “So, the brand story extends far beyond the advertising of the product…It’s very much about shared values now. People do business with companies they like and admire.”

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