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Welcome to the photo gallery of Kind Canada. Here you will find the people and events that make kindness happen.

Certificate of Membership World Kindness Movement, June 2015

Kind Canada‘s First Birthday, December 2015

Share the Warmth: knit a scarf for a refugee, 2015-2016

Share the Warmth: knit a scarf for a refugee, 2015-2016

Mr. Tremblay’s grade 6 class at Steve MacLean Public School showed off their knitting progress as part of ‪‎Share the Warmth. A group of volunteers from Ottawa’s Good Companions Senior Centre, and the Multicultural Liaison Officer,  staff and volunteers from the Ottawa Carleton District School Board all gathered together to teach the students to knit. The students were fast learners, and really enjoyed the experience of learning to knit, being kind and having fun all at the same time.  Thank you for your spirit of generosity, attention to detail, creativity, and kindness.

Share the Warmth: knit a scarf for a refugee, 2015-2016

Jeff Turner, Rabbi Bulka and Nancy Oakley went to meet Jessica Dube, Recreation Manager, and the Knitting Club at the Ravines Seniors’ Suites & Retirement Residence. The knitters have completed 11 beautiful handmade scarves for the refugees, and the knitting fun continues. 
Thank you very much for a lovely afternoon and all your creative effort. The scarves will be very much appreciated. 

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